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Kiddos With Dad™

Kiddos With Dad™ is a registered Non Profit that seeks to help single parents…both mothers and fathers. Yes, obviously we have an emphasis on fathers because our founder is a man; a father. But we understand that many, actually most issues are not gender specific. Crazy is crazy. Wrong is wrong. Right is right. We know from the bottom of our hearts that there are amazing moms and dads. We also know that there are really horrible moms and dads. We attempt to emphasize and highlight judicial fairness worldwide for fathers (horrible fathers not welcome). We also attempt to highlight issues that all single parents, mothers or fathers may be experiencing. Again, we are more father oriented simply because our founder is a father. But the experiences are sometimes universal.

Kiddos with Dad™ is a place where responsible and loving single dads can discuss their struggles, learn new strategies of dealing with Ex’s, become better Dads…and be the men we want to be.  All while putting our kiddos FIRST.

Kiddos with Dad™ regularly organizes online meetings (with Q&A) with professional child psychologists, lawyers, therapists, athletes, teachers and more. Click here to Subscribe to our newsletter for event access & information.

We as a community wish to unify, educate and empower single fathers. We value the influences, experiences and knowledge women provide us to better understand ourselves and to benefit our relationships with our children, ex partners and the world in general. There is no space for misogyny or abuse. Kiddos with Dad™ is positively father and children oriented. Period.

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